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  One Red Lion is the only Fundraising Platform exclusively for Animal Welfare Nonprofits.


Our Story

Cecil’s Impact

One Red Lion founder Janelle Babington was emotionally upset and wanted to donate $5.00 online to someone when she learned Cecil the lion was hunted down and killed for a trophy in Zimbabwe in July, 2015. She searched for many days through all media sources and couldn’t find anywhere to donate. Although the story about Cecil being killed was promoted heavily online, no one was asking for a donation or directing people to where they could donate towards the situation.
And so, the One Red Lion online platform began. One Red Lion is currently positioning itself to have over 25,000 animal welfare nonprofit organizations fundraising on one platform so people can easily find a list of all animal welfare organizations in the United States that are working to cure a multitude of causes plaguing our animals. To help animal lovers everywhere experience the power of helping animals, One Red Lion will be able to keep people informed of the latest news from animal welfare organizations regarding the remarkable things they are doing. From saving animals from extinction, to helping animals have possession of their own lives and avoid suffering, to ending animal abuse by lobbying for strict laws to prosecute animal abusers, and to rescuing and controlling the overpopulation of animals, One Red Lion will be sure to keep you informed.
One Red Lion is securing its place within animal lovers hearts and will in generations to come by focusing on its mission:To help people easily discover and support animal welfare nonprofit organizations trending in today’s world, and by believing in its vision, that people have the power to create a world where all animals are respected and treated humanely.


“This is a moment,” the researchers write,“not to be squandered, and one which might have the potential to herald a significant shift in society’s interaction with nature.” – Jason G. Goldman | 04 May 2016

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There are over 25,000 Animal Welfare and Animal Rights nonprofit organizations in the United States. There is approximately $6 billion dollars donated annually to help animals from suffering.  87% of all of these donations are generated by 1% of the top animal related nonprofit organizations. Why?  Because the other 99% do not have the means or resources to promote themselves effectively online to attract a wider audience.
One Red Lion believes we have the power to create a world where all animals will be respected and treated humanely. But ONLY, if we can make it fast and easy for everyone to find and support ALL of the Animal Welfare & Animal Rights nonprofit organizations trending in today’s world.
We have the manpower to stop animal abuse & stop animals from suffering. By providing a platform exclusively for Animal Welfare & Animal Rights nonprofits to fundraise, animal lovers will have an easy way to find and support all of them.  As a result, the nonprofits will raise more money & garner support from a wider audience, which will increase their ability to sustain and help more animals in need.

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“Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, Nothing is going to get better. It’s not.”― Dr. Seuss, The Lorax