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Would you like to become part of the Animal Protectors Members Club?

Your  role as a member and $5.00 per month allows us to fund legal advocates for animals in courtrooms and legislatures across the country who are fighting for stricter laws against animal abusers.

Our number one goal is to stop animal abuse and create a humane world where all animals are respected and treated humanely. Animal abuse is running rampant and it has been for hundreds of years.  Animal abuse sentences are a joke. We believe and support the legal advocates for animals because we know they love animals as much as we do and they work hard to change the system.

Animal Neglect Facts

“According to the Animal Legal defense fund, Animal neglect is the failure to provide basic care required for an animal to thrive. At first glance, such cases may seem less egregious than a single, brutal act of violent abuse, but severe neglect can mean extended periods of extreme suffering resulting in permanent injury or death. A single large-scale neglect case can affect hundreds of animals, as in cases of hoardingpuppy mills and farm neglect.”

Issues common to neglect cases:


  • Animal neglect is often associated with human neglect involving a child, elder or other dependent.
  • Handling all of the animals involved in large-scale neglect cases (hoarding, puppy mills and farm neglect) requires considerable effort and expense – all animal victims must be examined, treated, catalogued as evidence and sheltered during the pendency of a court case.”



I want you to know how good you should feel about yourself for becoming an animal protector. You personally are having a huge impact for the animals as funds help the people to continue to lobby in each state.

Thank you for not walking away.