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Animal Nonprofit Hall of Shame

When we receive information about illegitimate, unethical, and/or harmful organizations from people and the news, we want to make this information available to you. If we feel the information we receive puts our animals in danger, we will share our opinion with you to not support or donate to this organization. If you have any information about animal organizations that you believe are harmful to animals we urge you to please contact us and let us know. We will do our utmost best to investigate every claim we receive and post our findings. All information is confidential. We need your help to help us create awareness and shut down the organizations who are hurting our animals and our reputation to save animals.

Recieved 11/10/2017


PO BOX 71 , MORSE BLUFF , NE , 68648-0071
EIN #593837243

One Red Lion does not recommend this organization.

Facebook post about dead dogs sparks outrage, goes viral
Saunders County authorities say they’re being inundated with calls and emails about a social media post

Recieved 11/14/2017


410 E. Main St.

Smithtown, NY 11787.

One Red Lion does recommend this organization.

Smithtown Animal Shelter

Smithtown Animal Shelter is NOT a nonprofit organization.  Smithtown officials shut down animal shelter Facebook page

Liaison to the town board cited harassment of shelter employees on the page as a reason to take it down.

Received 11/14/2017

Happy Puppy Pet Spa

728 Shamrock Blvd

Venice, Florida 34293

One Red Lion does not recommend this organization.

Happy Puppy Pet Spa

Happy Puppy Pet Spa is NOT a nonprofit organization.

Received 11/15/2017

Downey Shelter


11258 South Garfield Ave
Downey, California 90242

One Red Lion has no opinion.

Department of animal care and control county of LA

We’re not sure what’s going on here. It appears the shelter has a wonderful group of volunteers but Marcia Mayeda, the  head of the County’s animal control agency, appears to be reckless, collecting too much salary, and hurting animals according to some. It also appears someone at the Downey Animal Shelter is being critized for not listing a staff’s favorite dog up for adoption on it’s website. You decide.

Recieved 01/15/2018

Fannin County Puppy Mill

Fannin County, TX

Fannin County Puppy Mill

One Red Lion does not recommend this organization.

Texas SPCA seizes 138 dogs from puppy mill

The SPCA of Texas removed 138 dogs, including 21 puppies, and two cats from a puppy mill Saturday, investigators said. The dogs were found Friday in filthy, cramped conditions in Fannin County after SPCA investigators and the Fannin County Sheriff’s Office received a complaint of animal cruelty from…continue reading-


Received May/17/2018

Pitstop Dog Rescue


Pitstop Dog Rescue