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When you purchase food with the Certified Humane® label, you’re supporting farmers who support the humane treatment of farm animals by following our precise Humane Farm Animal Care Standards.

Take turkeys, for example.

  • Under our Standards for turkeys, farmers must feed turkeys nutritious diets without antibiotics or animal by-products.
  • They must provide turkeys with proper shelter, resting areas, and space sufficient to support the bird’s natural behaviors, such as flapping wings and moving around freely.
  • They must provide perches, so the turkeys can express their natural perching behavior.
  • They must ensure turkeys receive fresh circulated air, which is monitored through bi-weekly air quality tests in barns – even though Certified Humane® turkeys spend most of their time outside, depending on weather.
  • And, they also must give turkeys a minimum of eight hours of light and eight hours of darkness each day so thye can maintain their natural life cycles.

These standards and more are verified by third-party inspections conducted by people who are experts in their fields.

Koch’s Turkey products are available in grocery stores on the East Coast from Pennsylvania to South Carolina, in the Midwest as well as at their home farm market in Georgia. White Oak Pastures and Ayrshire Farm’s Gentle Harvest market ship Certified Humane® turkeys nationwide and can also be found in grocery stores on the East Coast.

To find specifc stores in your area that sell Certified Humane® turkeys and other products, search by your zipcode on our “Where to Buy” page at or download our free Certified Humane® App.

Thank you for your support,

Adele Douglass
Executive Director

P.S. If you cannot find a Certified Humane® turkey or any other food items you are seeking in your area, please visit our Take Action page to see how you can encourage grocery stores to carry these products. When consumers demand it, grocery stores will carry it, and it will make a world of difference for farm animals.